Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

5 Advantages to Registering Online:

When owners register online they receive significant benefits!

1. Have direct access to Mocom Australia

Mocom Australia has a wealth of sterilisation knowledge and a deep commitment to health standards within the community. When you log online you can access a wealth of information and be linked in with the company.

2. Access to error codes

When you have access to error codes, specific to your model, you can confidently know the specific issue that needs to be addressed. Moreover, by knowing the issue often you can address it in-house and save the time and money of having to call out a technician.

3. Find answers to questions!

With a comprehensive FAQ section, online members can have many of their questions demystified. Even if your question is not there you can contact us to find out the answer!

4. Easy online warranty registration

Mocom Australia has recognised that often customers do not register for warranty which may cause delays when you can least afford it. An easy online form is now available for customers to take the hassle out of registration! Proof of Purchase (tax invoice) is required for the registration to be complete.

5. Download information on validation requirements

The world of steriliser validation requirements can often be confusing and time consuming and Mocom Australia is passionate that customers have their machines validated to ensure that their instruments are sterile. Online you can access information that can help you understand the importance and protocol of validation.


Download the warranty registration form, complete and attach a copy of the proof of purchase (tax invoice) and return by one of the following:-

EMAIL info@mocomaustralia.com.au

POST Mocom Australia, PO BOX 1810, Malaga, WA 6944

Mocom Warranty Registration Form

Online Warranty Registration

You can now submit your warranty registration online.

Important: You will need to attach proof of purchase (tax invoice) when submitting your registration online.
Scan your proof of purchase reciept, we accept JPEG, GIF or PDF format.

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