Tethys D60 / T60 / T45

Tethys D60/T60/T45

The thermal disinfectors in the Tethys series ensure complete automated instrument cleaning with outstanding levels of disinfection; at the same time, they ensure operator protection and reproducible cleaning results via a validated process.

Both 45cm (Tethys T45) and 60cm (Tethys D60/T60) versions are available (see below), allowing these thermal disinfectors to be installed underneath work surfaces easily and fitted into a broad range of sterilisation area layouts without difficulty.

Available Models

D60: 60cm, equipped with forced air drying system. 1 or 3 phase.
T60: 60cm, without drying system. 1 or 3 phase.
T45: 45cm, without drying system. 1 phase only.
Tethys D60

Unit Includes

• Stainless steel upper and lower trolleys
• Basket with handles (7TETH-0044)
• Micro-instruments basket with cover (7TETH-0048)
• Support for vertical instruments (7TETH-0059)

The Tethys has 15 Programs, 6 of which are customisable.

Click here Tethys Programs to see the main program choices.


The washing tank and door made of AISI 316L stainless steel, detergent dosage control via flow meters, level sensors and a timer along with numerous anti-impurity filters make Tethys a product of truly outstanding quality.


The high capacity washing tank, twin trolleys, the eco-slim vapour condenser, an extensive range of washing programs, a practical control panel and visual-acoustic end-of-cycle warnings all help to ensure easy operation and high-end performance.



Automation of the washing and disinfection process, reduced risk of contamination, savings on time and resources make Tethys a significant, worthwhile investment.


The EN 15883 standard requires a comprehensive check on completed thermal disinfection process. For this purpose, Tethys thermal disinfectors can interface with a printer (optional) or computer to provide a fully detailed report on all washing cycle parameters.

Containers, Supports & Accessories

An extensive accessory range is available enabling the personalisation of the Tethys which will meet individual practice needs and instrumentation.

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