Classic S

S Classic series: simple harmony


Derived from a new-concept design, the S classic is made of quality components and materials to provide
long-lasting performance.

Available with 17 and 22 litre chamber volumes, Mocom S Classicit features a practical black and white LCD display and a soft-touch keypad.

S Classic autoclaves are electronically controlled and equipped with a stainless steel sterilisation chamber.

The practical single-stage air extraction system allows execution of advanced S-type cycles, providing suitable sterilisation of solid instruments and hollow load products B.

A final, highly efficient vacuum drying stage means that bagged loads can also be sterilised.

The innovative steam generator and exclusive hydraulic circuit ensure outstandingly fast & stable execution of the sterilisation cycle.




The S Classic features:

  • 6 Sterilisation programs one of which is customisable.
  • Easy access water fill & empty tanks, allowing easy access for filling, inspecting & cleaning.
  • User management system allowing for on screen cycle monitoring and post cycle release. No requirement for a printer or storing thermal paper printouts.
  • Included USB so that recorded cycle data can be downloaded to a PC in PDF format. No extra software required.
  • Delayed cycle start option meaning the Vacuum test can be programmed to start before the practice opens saving you time.
  • Optional external printer allowing executed cycles to be recorded on Thermal paper.


Click here to download the S Classic brochure.


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