Futura B


B Futura: Mocom’s finest performance


Delivers a brilliant sterilising performance. Specifically designed for the most technologically demanding users, it offers outstanding innovation and user-friendliness.

The new B Futura steriliser offers Mocom Futuraeven faster performance with full traceability of each sterilisation cycle, also with a modern colour touch-screen perfectly embodying what we call “Evolved simplicity”.

The Futura is available in three chamber sizes, 17, 22 & 28 litre, all with the same overall machine dimensions.

Excellent reliability and high quality production ensured by thorough certification and approval standards such as:

ISO 9001/ISO 13485 Quality system applied to medical devices

CE 0051 EC Medical Directive Marking.


The B Futura is suitable for –

  • Dental practices
  • Dental schools
  • Hospitals
  • Day surgeries
  • Eye surgeries
  • Specialist medical practices
  • Medical centres


Some of the outstanding features include –

  • 6 Sterilisation programs, most of which are suitable for the sterilising of complex hollow instruments type A such as dental handpieces and reusable aspirator tips, as well as hollow surgical instruments used in surgery and some specialist medical practices.
  • Type B conforming to EN 13060:2004, but with a choice of B and various S type cycles. This means you can save time – not everything has to be put through the longer B type cycle!
  • 4.3 inch colour touch-screen display with clear easy to understand icons for simplicity
  • Programmable test cycle start designed to save you time by setting and running test cycles first thing in the morning before you get to your practice.
  • Secure traceability allows identification of users by means of unique personal ID codes and provides post-cycle parametric release on-screen.
  • Choose the way you capture reports: All executed sterilisation processes are recorded on the internal memory and can be downloaded (in PDF format) onto a PC via the included USB or Ethernet, or via an optional Wi-Fi connection.  Alternatively the printers available are a standard printer that gives traditional paper printouts of Sterilisation cycle data, or a Bar Code printer to create labels which helps identify sterilised material and allows cycle data to be scanned to patient records.
  • A built in water conductivity sensor incorporated in the tank automatically ascertains the quality of the distilled water being used and warns the operator should it be unsuitable.
  • An advanced multi-stage vacuum system for complete air removal, even from hollow, porous materials, B Futura autoclaves are equipped with an effective final vacuum drying phase that eliminates every last trace of moisture from any load.
  • The new steam generation system, efficient hydraulic circuit and sophisticated electronic control (which feature high-precision sensors) ensure extremely fast cycle execution and excellent stability of thermodynamic parameters.
  • Easy to access water fill & empty tanks, which feature large doors, are easy to access, inspect and sanitize.
  • New door locking mechanism has been designed to ensure safety and ease of use. It allows emergency recovery of the load in the event of a power supply failure.
  • A multitude of accessories are also available for your Futura to increase your sterilisation efficiency.



Click here to download the Futura & Classic Series brochure.


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