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It all started with Ed’s desire to deliver our customers ‘something better’. Ed (Edward Thame, our Founder) was a highly competent Equipment Service Engineer with an entrepreneurial nature and a passion for finding a better way. In response to repeated requests from our clients, Ed searched the world for a better autoclave. Then he found it. Our Italian manufacturer, Mocom s.r.l, was at the forefront of developments in sterilisation technology. Working with leading retailers in the dental, medical, podiatry and veterinary equipment fields, we brought world-leading Mocom sterilisation equipment to health professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

However, Ed knew that investing in quality equipment is only ever the first step when it comes to the working life of equipment. Customer satisfaction depends on what happens after the equipment is installed. Building from his experience in hospital equipment support, Ed delivered our customers a whole new approach to specialist technical and service support for bench top steam sterilisers (commonly known as autoclaves) in office-based practice. Quality sterilisation equipment backed up by comprehensive and professional service and support. Thus was born what would over time become Mocom Australia.

Since those early days in 1995, our small WA based service company has grown and transformed; and despite Ed’s death in 2000 and the internal sale of the business in January 2015, Mocom Australia has continued with Ed's focus on delivering our customers "something better".

Over the ensuing years we have expanded and trained our professional team with extensive technical and regulatory knowledge that enables us to deliver something better. The outstanding customer focus of all members of our team; technical, customer support and administration, enables us to provide ongoing customer satisfaction.

At Mocom Australia we understand that your equipment is integral to your business and as such take pride in ensuring that you have the optimal result you expect from your Mocom steriliser. To this end, we have deliberately taken a different approach in the delivery of Mocom equipment and service throughout Australia.

  • Our equipment is only available for purchase through professional sales companies working in the various health-related areas. These leading companies employ qualified equipment specialists with extensive knowledge of their field, be it dentistry, general practice, podiatry or another. They are then further trained by Mocom Australia on sterilisers and sterilisation and are highly qualified to assist our clients to select exactly the right equipment for their needs.
  • Our technical support service is only available through our authorised Mocom Australia service companies. Service companies that focus on service, outstanding technical steriliser specialists who are extensively trained by us on Mocom equipment with the objective of delivering the highest level of service support to Mocom owners.

And standing behind both our sales and service partners is Mocom Australia, working with them to deliver our customers something better.

Mocom Australia continues to be a family-owned business that strives to deliver to the highest professional standards while at the same time continuing to work to the high personal standards of the founding family. It is our desire to deliver long-term benefit not only to our customers but also to their patients, working together to raise health standards in Australia for the benefit of all.

Mocom Australia is an active member of the following organisations;

Australian Dental Industry Association   Sterilizing Research Advisory Council of Australia

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